The first mentions of the Ozernoy lane pertain to the endof the XVIII century. At that time nearby there was a manorof a favourite of empress Elizabeth — Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov.Ozernoy lane received its name from the artificial pondslocated nearby and feeding the fountains of the Summer Garden.Starting from first half of the XIX century this partof the city became the place of residence of the creative eliteof Saint-Petersburg — Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, the ancestorof Russian classical music, resided here, as well as manyother art workers. Later Kirill Lavrov, the legendarytheater and film actor, art director of the BolshoiDrama Theater, lived and was baptized here.

From the windows of the hotel one can see the Leushinskiytown church — the covent whose temple's foundation waslaid in 1887, and which until now has preserved itsinitial look and is active.

In 1924 in the former house of merchant Burtsevthe "children's centre" opened — one of the first kindergartensof Russia. Starting from 1932, a wonderful botanical gardenhad been here. Since early spring and until late summerflowers would blossom here. There had been 120 gradesof dahlias alone. People from Japanese embassy wouldcome for Japanese cherry saplings.

All these and other events, which occurred directly near"Kamerdiner-hotel", will make your stay in the hotela surprising tour to the history of the city.